When we go out for geocaching all the team hope to have a great day and find all the caches in the area. Every time a team member found one, was funny to keep a list of found for each one. Eventually it was kind of who can get more! so we did a ranking.

And this was the idea that led us to make this application. Every time a team member finds a cache gets a point. At the end of the day we count and update the classification. It is an additional feature to the stimulating and fun Geocaching game.

That is, this application helps to keep a ranking of caches found (and not found.)

As we were counting the treasures found we decided we could identify them in the app to find out which one found each. So before uploading the classification we assign each of the GCs to the team components. This does not mean where not a team, all caches count in the Geocaching website.

Now we can review the logbook comments from within the app. What if two of us find the cache at the same time? What if it was a spoiler? Well, everyone can make their own rules. We assign one to the Ovelleta when we meet another team searching the same cache...

Good search!